Work with bankruptcy attorney John Variola in Canton, OH

When you Need a Lawyer to Help You in Court

If you're struggling with debt, speak with an attorney about your situation. Calpea & Variola CO LPA can provide you with a bankruptcy attorney in Canton, Ohio so you can build a strong case and put your best foot forward in court. We practice chapter 7 bankrutpcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Attorney John Variola has been practicing bankruptcy law for nearly 40 years-since 1979-and remains personally invested in his clients' situations.

Take care of your family member's estate

Probate law and estate settlement come with a lot of nuances. If you've recently lost a loved one and are trying to organize their estate, probate attorney John Variola can walk you through the process. He'll make sure your loved one's wishes are carried out accordingly.

Why work with Caplea & Variola CO LPA?

At Carplea & Variola CO LPA, we take pride in putting our clients first, whether you're working through an estate settlement or needing representation from a bankruptcy attorney. When you work with attorney John Variola, you'll get service that is:

  • Honest and straightforward. We know the best way to maintain trust with our clients is to be straight to the point about your case and what matters.
  • Professional and friendly. We strive to personalize our professional relationships. Our team maintains a friendly, positive outlook throughout every case.
  • Focused on your needs. Every case is different. We take into account the most vital aspects of your life-and livelihood-to work toward the best solution for your situation.

Our priority is to help you experience peace of mind while tackling your case. Schedule an appointment with probate attorney John Variola in Canton, OH today by calling 330-455-5195.