Bankruptcy Attorney
in Canton, Ohio

Bankruptcy Law can be an anxiety-ridden and complex process. For many, the stress and worry make for a difficult time when trying to figure out your next step. At Caplea & Variola in Canton, Ohio, we are prepared to sit with you and discuss how exactly to eliminate or reduce your debts, so at least we can establish a repayment timeline that favors you.

Types of Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is written into federal law, so there are certainly abusive actions that collectors are not allowed to thrust upon you. Caplea & Variola specializes in both chapter 7 and chapter 13. It is important to understand what kind of bankruptcy you are facing:

  • Chapter 7 entails the discharge of unsecured debt, which never gives creditors the right to seize your property. Unpaid credit cards or personal loans fall into this category, but Chapter 7 is usually open only to business — not individual — debt.
  • Chapter 13; only individuals may file for Chapter 13, which provides for discharge and repayment of debt over three to five years. It's important to note this doesn't apply to recent tax debt, child support, or student loans.

Remember that whatever your situation, we are committed to arriving at solutions specific to your circumstances.

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Bankruptcy Law & Wage Garnishment in Ohio

We understand these proceedings may be intimidating, but it's helpful to view bankruptcy as a fresh start. After we guide you through the process, you have an opportunity to start anew with beneficial intel that will keep you from bankruptcy proceedings in the future.

It's useful to know what you're entitled to in Ohio, in the event that collectors contact you attempting to claim your possessions. Under Ohio state law, if a debt collector wins a judgment against you, upon garnishing (taking) your wages they must leave alone 75% of your pay each week and may not claim any of your incoming government payments, such as social security or disability. In the future, knowing your rights will be crucial to overcoming the challenges of debt and facing collectors in the way most favorable for you.

However, filing for bankruptcy stops the harassment from creditors. Thanks to this concept, known as automatic stay, we can work through your financial issues without having to worry about creditors moving against you. The bankruptcy process is stressful, so take charge of your situation and reach out for our guiding hand. We’ll present your options and help you make the best decision for your life, career, and family. If you live in or around Canton, Ohio, we'll be there for you every step of the way.

Bankruptcy Law in Canton, Ohio

At Caplea & Variola, we understand that bankruptcy is a daunting prospect; with it comes uncertainty that threatens to cripple your ability to plan for the future. With us, you’ll work with a guiding presence ready to take you through whichever bankruptcy process suits you most. For many, filing for bankruptcy means a new beginning and a chance to start over without making the same mistakes.